Jack Reid & The Black Whip were formed in Manchester in 2013. 

Their first single, the ‘Congress Vampires’ EP, is out now on Wealth & Taste Records. Their first full length album will be released early in 2015.


Alternative Tracks Singles of The Week:

'.... the title track from the Manchester band’s debut release. ....the track is energised by  blistering guitars producing addictive full throttle indie psych, swirling and soaring around Jack Reid’s disaffected vocal...'

The Congress Vampires EP (Released 24/11/14): Tracklisting and info

‘Congress Vampires’……

..... a rites of passage saga, played out as psycho sexual road trip nightmare/fantasy/daydream taking on the vampiric bloodsuckers of American Congress, stealing US tax dollars to save their speckled hides as the blue lights swoon and Candy’s highlights shine.

‘Breakin’ Fools’…

..A live favourite, now done with acoustic guitars. ….another roadside death trip blues with psychetrancemachinemajik poured over its grinding chords…

 ‘Today I Fixed My heart, But’

..written and recorded the day after Jack Reid & The Black Whip played Jeff Grainger’s ‘JeffFest’ in September this year. Angry and lovestruck, beautiful and distorted all at the same time. The last quarter was the result of hitting an effects board repeatedly with a Fender Jaguar until it shut the fuck up.


Jack Reid: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion. Danny Ibison: Electric and slide Guitars. Stu Gibson: Electric, acoustic and bass guitars. James Scholes: Drums, vocals, keyboards

All text by Johnny The Punk


Iain Goodyear
This Bird Goes One Thousand Million Miles Per Hour/Detail, 2014  

Louise Brookes
Jaguar, 2007

Alex Bennett
Congress Vampires, 2014

Alex Bennett
Circle 2014 

Ilana Xup
First Rehearsal, Salford, 2013